Cooling Fan For 650R

Is there a radiator cooling fan available for the 650R through Honda/HRC or any aftermarket companies?

I was wondering when this subject was going to come up. I haven't ever seen anything aftermarket, but I would think that a quick stroll through a motorcycle salvage yard looking at various street bikes, would come up with a solution. I didn't check where you are from, but I do know that California models especially were equipped with them. You could rob the whole setup, temp sensor, fuses, connectors and all. I would think that you would only really need one fan to do the trick.

If not there, maybe Radio Shack, or even J.C. Whitney???

This brings to mind another issue...when I installed my Works Connection rad guards, I noticed that it looks as though they would restrict the exiting air through the radiators. I guess I don't ride enough slow-technical trails, so I haven't boiled mine yet, but I always do keep an eye on it. The guards do look like they would be an easy candidate for mounting a fan though.

Speaking of which...doesn't the Kawasaki KLR650 have a fan?

I see that you live in Florida, which is a lot

warmer than Scotland, but are you certain that

your type of trails will need a fan. I have

owned my xr650 since April 2000 and have listened

all over the net to owners reports. Even from

owners in hot countries / states I have heard

next to nothing over the past 18 months about

needing to fit a fan. I presumned that this was

because all the North Americans had sorted

all their overheating issues by proper uncorking.

I think that after proper uncorking even the

tightest trails or the most dense traffic jams

will not cause the xr650r problems.

just my opinion, cheers, Craig

buy yourself a 1.6 or 1.8 radiator cap and your xr will never boil over again.

no need for a cooling fan, just added weight.

The KLR 650 does have a cooling fan that does a great job. If you try a retrofit, besides the temp sensors and related equipment you would need to to power up the stator and probably add a battery to provide the extra electrical capacity required.

Thanks for the info guys. I sure do appreciate it. The reason I asked is I am looking at purchasing a 650R and registering it to ride on the streets. It can get extremely hot in the afternoon where I live (Florida) and was concerned about damaging the engine because of high temps it would see in stop and go traffic.

i'm from FL and my xr650r dont need no fan.

why don't you save yourself some $$ and buy mine?

'00 xr650r HRC kit...$3500 beans.

I put a PC fan in from my old Mac. Works pretty damn good, gonna put another one on the left radiator as well if I see the need. I just have mine hooked up to a switch on the handlebars. When in tight stuff, I flip the switch on. When in the open, shut the fan off. It even stands up to being soaked with water, after it drys out. :)

My ride yesterday caused my pig to overheat slightly after some rather rigorous half gear romping. Very very tight twisty stuff that requires very low first gear riding. I admit, this is not the kind of stuff the bike shines in, nor was it designed for I'll bet. In these types of situations you can ill-afford to slip the clutch much either, as this activity usually pushes her over the edge to the boiling point...! The PC cooling fan sounds like a great idea to me... :) What was the part # for that fan?

Ride on...!

Ken, just go to your Radio Shack and ask for a pc fan, and look for the highest CFM output for the fan, and that will be good. Only a few bucks at most, but I stripped mine from my mac....I knew it was good for something. :)

A PC fan might be a little small as the normal size fan is 3''. Ask for a something like a 6 or 7 inch case fan, sometimes they are also called computer exhaust fans. thinkin about this is bringin me back to my watercooled overcocked dual processor super bedroom heater days. i love being a geek. Cooling system on that computer was almost as big as one on a honda civic.

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