I looked at the PW80 clone when I was shopping for my daughter's bike. They looked the same, and the salesman swore they were the same parts....of course, he also argued with me that Yamaha stopped making them in 2003 and that there was no way I was getting the deal I quoted on an '04 because they didn't exist....yeah, not a smart guy. Anyway, for the price they are asking, after you pay for shipping, you're looking at $ thing going wrong with it that requires "warranty" work and you've got at least two more shipping charges (another $300) --from what I understood reading it. To me, it's just not worth the risk and gamble. You can find good deals on these from dealers (got mine for $1150 out the door) and there are great used ones for hundreds less (seen them for as little as $650)...

Just my $0.02

I bought a pw50 yesterday for 1180 OTD. You'll get your money back when you sell it.

You'll get your money back when you sell it.

Very true, these bikes retain their re-sale value like no other motorcycle. I bought a new 02 for 1200 and sold it two years later for 950 to a buddy.

I would stay away from the knock off's

Thanks everyone for the advice - I'll take it. I will start shopping around for a used PW50..

I got a used 2003 from the local dealer for $600 about 6 months ago.

The used 02's and earlier out of the paper were closer to $400. I got the 03 from the dealer so I could get it inspected.

It's been a great bike and it really runs well.

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