largest tire size on my 03 WR450

thinking of trying one of these on my bike but dont know if it will fit, it is a 140/18 but I know sometime the sizes dont run true to all tires. anyone have any experience with this tire on their bike?

They will fit. BrandonW from Washington state runs them on his WR. He loves it for rocky dry western terrain. Great hook up! I just ordered one to give it a try this winter. :cry:

how much was it dan? do me a favor and weigh it before you put it on. :cry:

thanks for the reply, somebody quoted something like $75.00 from Chapperal. Still searching for best place to buy.

Which tread pattern are you going to get? A riding buddy that I sold my 426 to is looking at new tires. He likes my Michelin Baja (also 140/18,although I'm told Michels are small), but he wants to experiment with a few different tires. The Terraflex is also one he's considering. If you do get it, post a report on it please! :cry:

p.s. If you look closely at the tread pattern on the #2 says BooB. :cry:

seems like this intercore co makes M&H drag slicks. i used to use those on the 1/4 mile back in my need for speed days and they were the best tire goin. so if the quality of their terraflex is on par with their slicks :cry: i'd like to see what one weighs though. :cry:

$80.00 with shipping for the 140/80/18 TeraFlex but it is a heavy tire which almost rubs the swingarm on each side. It adds flywheel weight and slows down the acceleration a little but the traction is great in loose nasty rocks according to BrandonW. They also dont clog in mud and have stiff sidewalls that allow you to run lower pressures. :cry: The Michelin Baja is also a great rear tire but the Michelin 140 ( actual 120) is a lot smaller than the Teraflex 140 tire.

I plan to try the tread pattern 2, the 140/18, I am interested in a DOT tire. I will let you know how they perform this winter.I have also tried S12's, Dunlop 756's and a IRC MB5 (?). All have worked pretty well but with varing results in the mileage I get on them. I dont ride all the time but usually get 4 months on a rear tire.

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