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Jetting 04 CRF 450 for Mexico??

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Goin to Rosarito witch is 2 hours south of the border, Any jetting recomendations?? Have a 04 CRF450r with JD Jetting. Rite now i Have a 175 main, red needle 4th clip position. Ive been riding mainly at about 4000 to 8000 FT elevation. Do I need to change anything???

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The only way to find out if the jetting is going to work, is to just ride It. If it's not giving you any bogging (Rich) or Poping (Lean) then you should be fine. If you have Poping on decel try turning your Fuel/Air Mixture screw out a 1/4 or a turn, and if you have a really lean or rich mixture ajust the Jet Needle first, (raise (Leaner) or lower (Richer) the clip position to W/E you need to correct your jetting). In my opintion your jetting sounds good, where I live the altitude is 4500ft and about 60 - 80 degrees in the summer, and thats what I would use to start jetting my bike, then go from there.


__________.:2004 CRF450:.__________

<ul type="square">[*]Fastway Accesories....Cable Clip, Case Saver, Clutch Bracket, F3 Footpegs, and Axle Blocks.

[*]Works Connection Skid Plate, Engine Gaurds, Frame Gaurds, Brake Caliper Gaurd, Rad Braces, and Anodized Goodies.

[*]Trick MX Parts ~ Anodized Goodies.

[*]Factory Connection - 1.76Kg Pressure Springs, and Oil Lock Collars.

[*]ASV Rotator Clamp

[*]Renthal--> "MC Bend" Fat Bars, and 49T Rear Sprocket

[*].:MX Bonz:. 1 1\8" Bar Clamps, and Sure-Lok Rim Lock Hardware

[*]LightSpeed Carbon Fiber Fork Wraps

[*]Tach/Hour Meter

[*]Polished Side Cases

[*]Racetemp Engine Thermometers

[*]Nology Hot-Wire

[*]SRC - 1.6kg/cm2 Rad Cap

[*]SDG Complete, High Foam Seat

[*]Fuel Line Mod

[*]Zip-Ty Fuel Mixture Screw

[*]JD Jetting Kit

[*]Factory R&D P-38 Lighting

[*]AirBox Mod

[*]Back-Fire Screen Mod

[*]Storm Link

[*]Twin-Air Air Filter

[*]D.I.D ERT Gold Chain

[*]13-49 Gearing


Don't Hesitate Accelerate!!!! 😢


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