Too much?

I have been riding a Suzuki DR-Z 250 for a while but I am able to ride a Suzuki DR-Z 400E. Would a XR 650 be too much for me? :)


If you are trail riding then you already have an excellent bike. If you want wide open speed then the XR650R is great.

Weight is not an issue between the DRZ400E and the XR650R. The e-start is a definite plus.

The DRZ is already dual sported. The XR will cost you.

If you moved to the southwest you might want to consider the XR. I can't see why you would want to change bikes where you are.

I dual sported my BRP and I love the power in the wide open spaces. But I eventually geared the bike down to 13/48 and gave up some top end (91 vs 99 mph). Still runs great at 75 mph. :)

Needsprayer said it all. I have both bikes. The 650 is a tall geared pig. The DRZ is much better for trail riding and turns faster than the XR. If you want to go fast in the desert than the XR is the bike.

I went from an XR250 to an XR650 (wish I could have kept the 250!). I ride mostly in Tillamook Forest, which varies from gravel logging roads to quite technical stuff. The 650 is BIG. It won't be as nimble as the DR (my bud rides one of those). I have the starting drill down pretty well now, so I don't need the happy button.

I still go everywhere I used to, and for some things - up steep, narrow stuff - the 650 is easier to ride. The only downside is in the REALLY tight first-gear stuff. I just go slow; it's easy to make the time up later. I went from stock 14/48 to 13/50 gearing, which helps (stock chain works for this).

Would I have been happier on the DR, or an XR400? Sometimes I think so. Then I hit the gas, and this grin spreads. I feel like I could literally rip the knobs off the back tire. Starting on pavement, I can't give it full throttle (with this gearing) because I'll loop it.

All in all - Depends where you ride and what you like. I've been riding only 5 years - an old fart at 44, too - and I did ok.

The answer to your question is - yes.

Pat, here's some advice from another 44 year old fart. If you envisage keeping up with your boy

on his 250 through tight trails ( when he' s

improved a bit ) don't buy a xr650r.

If, like the above poster said, you want to

wear a huge grin everywhere except tight trails

then a little used 2000 xr650 will give you

more grins per buck than any other bike.

I nearly signed for a new DRZ 400 the minute

I first saw one at the bike show. I turned

the corner to the Honda stand and

traded in my zx6 ninja immediately.

28 months and 11,000 miles later I have no

regrets over that decision, but a smaller

tight trail friendly mount is planned to be

added soon.

cheers, Craig

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