Timing chain yz450 <-> yz426

Do those timing chains interchange, if not what is different other then parts# and price? could someone post the specification for the yz450 chain as given in the workshop manual, that would be of great help (hopefully :cry:)


The pin pitch is different between the chains.

They are not meant to interchange.

The pitch isn't specified in my '03 450 manual. It simply lists the chain as: 98XRH2010-118M , with the 118 designation having to do with the number of links.

This is a type number, not a part number, so a listing of chains from an industrial vendor may give you the pitch.

The previous post is nontheless accurate. The two chains are different, but people have used the YZ450 cam in a 426. Read the threads, "YZ450 Cam Mod, Please read", and, "450 DCM - the new poll..." at the top of this forum for more info about this.

Hi guys , thanks for the info. :cry:

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