Great article on Sacramento Bee website

Hey Dan, thanks for another eye opener dude. You must really hate the tree huggers. Huh? We could make soylent green out of them perhaps...?

Ride on brother

Hi Ken,

I really don't hate them. I do have a very strong sense of right and wrong, though. And what they are trying to do to us is just dead wrong! They are misguided, and angry at the wrong people. I, for one, am not going to sit back and accept it any more. They succeeded in closing my favorite riding area for no good reason, and I'm through allowing this. Please join me and help keep your favorite riding areas open as well. If they did it to us, they'll do it to you.

Don't ever forget, the radical enviros lie. This is because they consider their cause to be infinitely more important than the principle of always telling the truth. The more moderate enviros are just misinformed by the radicals.


hard to believe a McClatchy paper will say anything that might be taken negatively about environmentalists. They own the Anchorage Daily News and you won't find much that can be construed as even constructive criticism of anything green in it.

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