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Rooster Performance Products........my personal review

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I recently ordered the radiator guards, case saver, skidplate, and front disc guard

from Rooster. Ordered online and got the stuff via UPS super fast. Here are the parts

as they were shipped, nicely shrink-wrapped. Sorry, poor pic does not show true color well......


I mounted up the radiator guards which are constructed from .085” aluminum. Very nice blue powder

coat on all parts. Not an absolute perfect color match but close enough and the finish is excellent.

Plastic fins removed weighed .50 lbs. and Rooster guards weigh 1.32 lb. for a net weight gain of

.82 lbs. These things are sweet and look like they provide plenty of stiffness and protection.


Stainless button heads are provided with all their parts…..cool.


Nice stamped logo up front. Looks to be well-vented for air flow. (I have run the bike a few times

this fall in 85-90 deg Arizona weather with no problems).


Case saver made from 3/8” thick aluminum. Stock piece was .14 lbs. and the new one is .12 lbs. for

a weight drop of .02 lbs. Excuse the ugly chain/sprocket which went away a week later.


The skidplate is made from .120” thick aluminum and seems well designed to protect the front and

bottom of the frame. Has wings to protect the engine cases. Stock part weight was .22 lbs. and new

part is 1.64 lbs. for a weight gain of 1.42 lbs. Nice punched mud exit holes too.


The one thing (as others have mentioned) that I didn’t care for was the clamp-on rear mount design.

I decided to drill two holes in the middle of the skidplate to use the stock frame tabs. Since the

skidplate doesn’t sit right on the tabs I was going to use some small spacers but found I really

didn’t need them. Just tightened the screws snugly against the skidplate.


On the tail I secured the plate with two more 6mm screws. There are two little frame holes that

tap well by running a 6mm tap through them. The skidplate length ends at a point that about half

covers these holes. I notched the end of the skidplate with a round file in two places and installed

the screws. Seems to hold fine. Just another way of doing things……


The front disc guard is a slick item. I replaces the front caliper side spacer with a stainless

spacer and mount for the guard. The Rooster logo guard is .180” thick steel and can be rotated

a bit as you like. The axle tension holds it firmly in place. Stock guard weighed .04 lbs.

and new part weighs .74 lbs. for a weight gain of .70 lbs.


Overall, VERY pleased with these parts. The designs seem very functional and the parts look

great at the same time. I’m in no way connected with the company just a happy customer that

wanted to share my experience.


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