Anyone have a stock YZF rear spring?

I am curious if anyone has a stock YZF rear spring lying around that they would part with. My WR spring is too soft and i don't have 100 bones for a race tech, especially when a stock YZF spring will do. If anyone has one they would sell me i would appreciate it. PM me or send an email to:

Is there a big diffrence between a YZ and a WR rear spring? :cry:

i know, i think the YZF is a 5.4 compared to the WR's 5.0. that is what i am looking for. the WR feels unbalanced to me. the rear end feels way softer than the front.

I don't know what year or model your bike is, but I do know that the US '04 WR and YZ 450's use the same shock spring.


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