Synthetic oil?

You only need the 15w-50 oil if you ride in hot conditions. I Use it in my XR650L during the summer here. It is not uncommon to see temps around 120F in the shade (dont wanna see out in the open. If you use to heavy an oil in the cooler temps it will just creat more friction and make the bike run hotter. My 650 is air cooled and temp around here is something I have to worrie about.

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I'm flushing and running full Synthetic starting this weekend going with the Maxima Ultra 4 and twin air oil filter. i figure the full synthetic will help drop engine temps and will be trying some other things like a new water pump(boysen) and some engine ice, (any other ideas) to drop temps to see if what they say is true about lower temps bringing hp up. if not at least the bike will be running cooler and thats always good. :cry:

Engine ice is good stuff.....

I have been running Silkolene full synthetic oil for about 2 years in all my bikes. I have not had any problems.

I just put a big bore kit in my WR250 from Forward Motion and asked about the oil. Eric Gorr told me with the new coated cylinders there is no break in so go ahead with the synthetic oil from the begining. I did and have had no problems.

M1 red cap here since the first oil change.

No problems at all.

It amazes me when people say its not worth the extra expense to run synthetic, when it costs less than half of what Yamalube does to run it, and the protection is much better...

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the water pump will help cool the engine down. The engine ice wont, nor will running synthetic oil. Both just allow more heat before degrading.

synthetic oils can be slippery enough to keep the rings and the crosshatch of the cylinder from wearing properly. That leads to excessive blowby.

The only synthetic oil that is absolutely harmful to the engine after breakin is ones that have the stamp "energy conserving" on them. Otherwise you need to make sure they dont have additives that can cause the clutch to slip.

Yea....exactly what he said. I think this got off the track...usually as a rule you don't use Synthetic oil on BREAK IN....other circumstances may apply as with Beezer....but Typically NO Synthetic on Break in...after you can grease you and your bike up with Synthetics and get silly with them...but not during break in



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That's too funny.

HOWEVER....can we all agree that no one blows up a YZF engine because of the type of oil they used? It's because they never change it! !LOL

you can use synthetics on break in. I accidently did it once. Break in too a loooooong time. rings were blowin oil past for first 250 miles. kinda embarassin'. for break in no I use the cheapest oil I can find at the corner grocery, and run it for one session. the rings seat real quick!

That's too funny.

HOWEVER....can we all agree that no one blows up a YZF engine because of the type of oil they used? It's because they never change it! !LOL

Shoot! I know a guy (I told you this) who hardly even does that, and the damn thing is still together. There just isn't even a good parallel for how reliable YZFs are. I'm really glad I settled on a Blue Bike instead of one of those other colors. I see CRF250s using half their oil in a moto, breaking cylinder skirts, sucking valves, RM-Z/KXF 250s already breaking valve stems, I tell you, I don't have the money to fix that kind of crap on any kind of regular basis. Yamaha has made extreme high-performance four strokes nearly as reliable as passenger cars.

But the thing is that when asked your opinion of what the best (*) is, you give your opinion, based on the reasons that lead you to it, right? Me too.

So, I'll suggest that we resolve this the way my Grandfather did a similar dispute. If you ever get to San Diego, you look me up and we'll meet somewhere. If I'm bigger than you, I get one free shot. If you're bigger than me, I'll buy you a beer. :cry: :cry: :cry:


"When I want your opinion, I'll give it to you!"


My buddy has got a 98' YZ 400F and hes only changed the oil in it twice, and it still starts first kick !!!! :cry: :jawdrop:I would almost be scared to change the oil after that long somethin might fall out. :cry: :cry:

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