Panoram @ Walmart?

Several people have posted that they got their Panoram computers at Walmart in the bike section. I have been to 5 Walmart's here in Denver and haven't found them. Did they stop carrying them?

You might try Wal-Mart on line.

Be careful about selecting/purchasing the Panoram. There are different applications made and I believe the one at Walmart you are refering to is for bicycles only (Mountain Bikes). The bicycle model, if installed on a motorcycle, will give incorrect readings of speed, distance, miles rode, etc. FYI.

I've heard of the Panoram at Walmart being successfully used before on motorcycles, but I don't think it has the durability of TrailTech's product. I think TrailTech's Panoram is much more resistant to fuel spill/spray than the bicycle Panoram unit. TrailTech has 'hardnened' the Panoram unit for motorcycle use and this was one of several changes along with a much more stout wire harness, etc. The bicycle version should work, but it may not be as tough or may not last as long as the unit from TraiTech when used on your motorcycle after a period of time.

Another interesting idea along these lines (using a bicycle computer) came from a guy who goes by the handle 'chblock' and he likes it better than the TrailTech Panoram unit that he used to own. He bought a CatEye Enduro2 bicycle computer (CC-ED200) and spliced it to a TrailTech pickup cable. He also bought the circlip style pickup magnet from TrailTech and permanently mounted it by drilling a hole in the disk instead of epoxying it like the kit suggested and he's been very happy with this setup so far from what I know. This whole thing cost him about $50 including the CatEye Enduro2 computer, the TrailTech wire harness and circlip style magnet. I recall him saying he paid $30 for the CatEye Enduro2 computer and now you can get them for under $20 in various colors if you shop around, so the total cost for this project could even be lower than $50. This computer has dual trip meters and one of them could be used as a crude type of fuel gauge :) It also has a programmable display so you can display only the info that's important to you. I don't run either of these as of yet, but my kids are bugging me to get their bikes setup with a computer, so I may give the Panoram or CatEye product a try later this year.

I payed $65 for my cateye for my mtb, its totaly waterproof to 30 meters and built to last (i hope i dont test the 30 meters thing). Wouldnt imagine putting it on a dirt bike, but I would deffinatly imagine that it could last. Several months ago I went down a ravine on my face/head/bars, computer was ok although unrecognizable. Pollished the face and she is good as new. Considering the cost difference it would be silly not to get the parorama unit. Just though i would throw in my .02

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