Rattle on Start up?

Could anyone tell me if they sometimes notice when their 650R, is first booted over in the morning a real distict tinny rattle coming from crank/clutch? It seems to disappear within ten seconds or so. Doesn't always do it. New donk only 3400 kilometres. If anyone can point out a reason/remedy it would be much appreciated. Once runnig everything is sweet, clutch etc.

Thanks in advance,

Aussie 650

Thats hard to say what the problem is if any. Maybe lack of oil pressure at start up? I had a noise on my XR600 that bothered my for years. I took the motor apart and found it was the back lash in the crank to counter balance gears, No Problem. It just sounded like a bad rod.

There have been several posts about this subject, and I believe the consensus was that the ticking that you are hearing is actually from the automatic compression release mechanism. If i remember correctly, the engine has to reach a certain rpm before it resets. Mine does it also, but goes away if you blip the throttle...which really isn't recommended on a cold engine, but I just barely crack it to make the ticking stop.

You might try a search on this forum and you'll probably come up with a lot more info.

Does the rattle only occur at very low revs? (ie stalling point?) .The XR6 used to get a ticking noise happening at really low revs, this was caused by the auto decomp on the cam cutting in.

So if this rattle is only happening at a very slow idle it's probably your auto decomp. :)

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