lower foot pegs for more leg room

has anyone tried the Fast Way pegs that are supposed to give you about 1/2 inch more leg room?

No I have not, but would be interested in more info. I did install the handlebare risers this moves the bars 1.5"up and 1.5"away. I need this stuff since I am nearly 6'7". Have you tried these. Really stretches you out nicely.

There I was, thinking that my XR needed the opposite :) The pegs are too low for Supermotard use and scrape on the tarmac. It unlikely anyone will be making rearsets for them though.

I am going to install a 1 inch foam cap this weekend to give rear a little break and give my knees a break too. has anyone added a 1 inch cap and used the stock seat cover?

Bigtom17, i love it, i thought i was the only 6'7" guy on a brp! I put the high bend protappers and moved them to the 2+ spot, this has helped my back alot, as for the nees i try and stand up as much as possiable, i have not done any of the 100 miles in a day trips like some dualsport clubs do i can make a good guess that i will have some sit down time on a ride like that!

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