Baja/Race light NOT for sale

Yeah- me to mikekay. Sorry. I shouldnt have sent you all those weird PM's...maybe we should start a race team?

My dosage has been off a bit lately. Its not easy to get it just right...and my dog has been barking a lot. Plus theres all these crickets that have been chirping all night and that keeps me awake.

I need to buy some lizards to eat the bugs, but now its raining to much for the lizards to habilitate to my little back yard...maybe they will drown? Anyone else have any good ideas of what to do when the little chirping bastards keep you awake?

I tried floodlights, but that didnt work. I caught a lizard recently while walking my dog, but it got away before i could release it into my shrubs...


Turn your back yard into a practice track and ride at night........No more bug noise'

I got rid of the funny looking Baja Designs speedo and all the stickers, now I don't go as fast :cry:

yeah a back yard track...thats a great idea...

She wants me to get rid of the cricket noise! :cry:

i could buy a bunch of those HIDD lights, or whatever their called, and do circles around the dogshit!

'79 XL 250

custom kevlar airbox, Wiseco 264 kit, Vesco fat/skinny tank, Bassani pipe, Ceriani suspension, re-welded frame, balanced crank, drilled counter-balancer, gel seat, dell orto carb, race cam, heated grips.

Have any pics of your bike? :cry:


yeah a back yard track...thats a great idea...

Kool idea! Party at irondude's house, but I suppose it's BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike).

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