IMS 4 gallon XR600R tanks

I am very close to buying on of these tanks in the natural/clear colour. (the same as Johnny campbell used to use on his XR600Rs)

Do the clear IMS tanks discolour real bad? What if you store it without gas in it?

Has anyone got an bad things to say about this model over any other tank brand?

I have read some distrurbing posts about IMS and am worried I am getting a second rate tank?

This is for the XR600R not the 650R btw.



see if you can find an 4.9 tank. The outside is the same as the 4.0 but on the 4.0 tank the tunnel has been enlarged to work on the l model also.

I bought a Clarke 5.0 Gallon tank and it was just too bulky for me and I don't ride with anyone who has more than a 4.0 Gallon tank. I am selling this tank on Ebay right now. I never used it or mounted it. I just set it on the bike and then decided to order an IMS 4.0 Gal and I have had it for about 8 months and I've no problems with the tank. It is red, not clear, but I'm happy with IMS and the Clarke tank seems to be high quality as well. Take care, Walt

i have only heard that the clarke tanks are of higher quality than the ims. clarke are cheaper too. just hear say.

I have been running the IMS 4 gallon tank, on my XR650L, for years.(forgot how long now) It has discolored over time. I have never had a problem with the tank at all. It has taken abuse of all types from chemicals to impacts from crashes. I just wish there was a cross over from the sumps so you can get all the gas with out tipping the bike.


I recently put an IMS 4.0 on my XR600R and have no complaints. I had to modify the petcock hole in order to get it to fit. But not a big deal. Oh, I have the "clear" color and it is very nice to know how much fuel you have at a glance. No discoloration yet, but mine is pretty new. :cry:

I have the IMS 4.0 tank, (red), and couldn't be happier ... I'm kinda uncoordinated, old, and clumsy .. (I crash a LOT) .. my IMS is great, (I've always heard they are better than the Clarke) .. I have no personal opinion, just what I heard ... also, I've never seen an older white or clear tank that wasn't yellowed out from the gasoline ... but, these arent meant to be show bikes ..

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