16/45 Final Gearing? WR426

Has anyone tried this combo? I have 16/47 right now, top speed is over 100mph,but,I am looking for gearing that will let me run a comfortable 80mph for long stretches. My current setup is a little buzzy at 80-85 mph.

16/44 maybe???

You couldn't possibly use that kinda gearing offroad.....

Could you? :cry:

at 9.000 rpm with 16/45, yamaha twists 100 mph, no crap from stock speedo

dont really know where the rev limiter cuts in for max speed and possible travel speed calculation

At 16-44, i have a very nice rev on highways :cry:

It's a little wild offroad though.

For offroad, I have another rear wheel mounted with a knobby tire and a 48 sprocket. It is still fast for offroad though. i tried to go with a 50 but the same chain could not go over both settings...

at 16-44, there is quite a big gap between the 4th and 5th but i think it is still acceptable. The engine runs comfy at 80 mph... :cry:

I wander which setting would allow the highest top speed... :cry: at one point, it becomes so geared up that i guess the engine won't be able to reach top rpm... I never tried the 16-44 full throttle in 5th gear to see what speed could be reached... :cry:

You couldn't possibly use that kinda gearing offroad.....

Could you? :cry:

Not on anything technical, just on fireroads. I will try 16/45.

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