virginia baja rider may need help for this years 1000

there is 4 people on my team and this will be our 4th year racing the 1000. the last point to point race (the 2000) really gave us a fit. i will arive in san deigo 10-23-02 to start prerunning with plans of heading to san felipe first. well i could go on forever, goal is to find someone interested in going to help us with prerunning and race. if anyone is interested in helping us or just wanting to prerun together please let me know. thanks tommy tomlinson

I would like to pre-run the course, as time gets closer I'll know more. There are a couple of groups going down there around that time so put the word out. Look on the XR400 page.


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Hi Tommy,

I met you last year at 1000, we pre rode the summit! (Shawn DRZ400, JoseYZ426). My dad and I will be prerunning for 2 weeks before the race.

After the map comes out lets get together and exchange prerun plans. Tell Fred the Blacks say's Hello!!


What bikes will you guys be riding and who will pit you?

Were riding a stock XR650, and using Honda Pits.

See you at El Arco or there abouts. :)

Kinda like this...

<img src=>

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Now were talkin. I need a set of Hooters like that.

Going To Baja tomorrow. He ha :D:)

Honda Pits are the best! They are always ready for you and anything that may happen.

Hello Shawn nice to here from you, small world.

this year i'll be prerunning on a wr400 i just got tonight. rest of team will most likely be using XR650's, we will also be using honda pits (there top notch) and being from virginia we need all the help we can get. were used to riding in second gear, tight woods. Shawn, fred will be glad to here from you guys. prior to race will we be at Bahia you guys should just stay there also.

stay in touch and if anyone else will be around come by and see us. we'll be in Costa Rica vans.

is Jose riding this year?


Ya the Hoze will be riding again. He's had two knee surgery's since the last 1000. He's back east now running the AMA Dirt Track Series.

Were going to start our pre running on 11-3-02.

My email is

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