To wait...or not to wait...


I am selling my XR4 soon, put it in the paper and the it should sell soon. The reason I am selling it is to get a BRP. The thing is if I sell my XR4, should I get the pig now, or wait until spring and get one? I am lookin for a used one mostly, 2002 model probably, think there would be a few up for sale in the spring, or should I put out a few wanted ads now? I would consider buying new if the price is right also. Any opinions would be great.

From what I've seen in the past, since the 03 will have nothing updated but the graphics, few people are going to run out and sell their 02, or 01 model right away to get an 03. You might find a good deal on a left over 02 model if your dealer happens to have one on the floor.

The best thing to do is just keep your eye out and have the funds ready because you never know when that deal of a lifetime will come.

Action Motorsports in Salem, OR had left over 01's for $4600 this year. Seems that was in April or May. You will be under snow for quite a while right? Might as well wait and score a deal. Ryan

What are you thinking?????

This bike is going to be way to big for you and the weight as well.

I got $10 that you lay it down and that you find that you could ride the XR400 better & faster.

$20 saying you have it up for sale by next year.

If you are going to use this bike for the road fine but you are riding flats,dirt,hills.

Stop and think.....


If you had said nasty singletrack, tight woods, MX or jumps larger than whoops then I would agree with you. However you didn't mention any of these. The BRP is great in dirt, sand, or on a flat track, can power up hills with ease, is excellent for Dual Sport and really shines in the desert. The XR650R is one of the best balanced (Center of Gravity) bikes that you can purchase.

If Fred respects the power he will enjoy this bike.

I think the same about the bike BUT>>

Ask him how tall he is and he's weight. I sold him the XR400 and he had a hard time getting a toe on the ground.

I just think he would be better off with a smaller bike.

Sorry Fred I don't mean you can't handle the 650 it's just that biger is not allway better. The last hairscramble I was in allot of riders where in 250 CR,WR,YZ,KTM,KDX,etc.... and they kicked my you know what, and I was on a WR426.

So I hope you don't take this the wrong way Fred

Ernie :)

You can manage it after a while - if you are like me, it will first set your riding back a couple years, but make you a better rider.

I'm torn now and then too... last Sunday I went riding with buds here in Tillamook forest. Gradually I am getting used to this bike (4 months now, new job-not riding as much as I'd like). I swapped with my buddy for a few minutes (DRZ400). The thing felt small and nimble, but lacked power. I'll just keep working on it. It's nice to be able to snap my fingers and be at the end of a straight, instantly :)

I tried moving the forks up 1/4" above the triple clamps, to shorten the wheelbase a bit... it sorta worked; now I'll try stock.


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