98 YZ 400F opinions, my first 4 stroke

I was wondering if anyone can tell me about the 98 400F, such as its handling, etc. I ride trails and want to get into enduro riding. I have had lots of 2 smokes, but this would be my first 4. I was looking for overall info on the bike, likes/dislikes. Thanks a lot, I did a search but got only repair related threads. Thanks again

I've got a couple of them, and they are an absolute blast. Like anything else, though, it's the rider and how the rider works with the bike that determines success. For trails, a flywheel weight is needed, maybe revalving the suspension a bit, too. My suggestion would be to go ride it like it is, and then analyze what you are having trouble getting used to....start your changes there. With so many differences between rider setups, I'm a firm believer in the fact that if it ain't broke, don't fix it!! Change what you can't get used to....have fun!!

a 400F is perfect for the woods, it has smooth power and plush suspension. just make sure you have you carb dialed in. Now on a MX track it feels like a FAT PiG

good strong bike but a little tricky to start until you get the method down. there are all kinds of mods available if you start reading through some of posts in here. :cry:

For slow tight trails they will overheat! You might want to look at a WR due to the bigger cooling system and overflow bottle bigger gas tank and all that stuff trail guys want.

You know, I've hear a lot of people say that the WR has a bigger cooling system, but I don't buy it. I've got a WR and a YZ and I swapped the radiators on them and they seemed identical to me....I have the YZ radiators on my WR and have not overheated ever.

the rads are the same size, the 426 yz and wr are bigger than the 400 though. Only difference in wr is coolant recovery bottle.

5BE-12461-00-00 RADIATOR ASSY $168.72 1 $168.72 99 yz400

5JG-12461-00-00 RADIATOR ASSY $224.33 1 $224.33 00 yz426

5BF-12461-10-00 RADIATOR ASSY $256.59 1 $256.59 00 WR400

These are the part numbers for for 3 different radiators the cheapest one is from a 99 YZ400 the highest one is from a WR400 2000 and the middle priced one is from a 2000 yz426. They all have different part numbers and cost. Im not sure but if they were the same wouldnt it show in the part numbers. Just a question

They changed in 2000. The 98 and 99 are the same though.

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