White Brothers Complete kit for XR650L

Has anyone tried the White Brothers complete kit which includes SS head pipe, s bend silencer,

WB Mikuni carb, 10.5 to 1 compression piston and more. They claim 20+ hp gain. Can starter handle extra compression and start easily. Any comments appreciated before I shell out $$$$$ for kit.

I have a Thumper Racing 675 10.5:1 CR kit along with a WB 41MMFS carb. The starter works a little harder, but doesn't seem to be a problem. I've had my kit in over a year with the same battery. My advice would be to have a good quality battery with any High Compression kit. The carb works great for cold starts and low end response. I feel that it runs out of steam at higher RPM's, but I never rev mine with the 675 kit anyway. The bike does run just a little hotter than stock too, but not to point that I'd worry about burning it up. Just use good oil and change it often. I'm not sure about gaining 20hp, sounds like quite a bit to me.

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