question on chain adjustment

Alright here is the deal. Went for about a 40 mile ride and when I got back noticed the chain chewed up the side of the rubber swingarm guard and it took a notch out of the white debris guard in front of the tire. The rear sprocket was worn a little visably behind each tooth and you could see metal shavings. The axle guides were even on both sides but when I measured from axle to swingarm pivot it was off! Now I aligned axle to swingarm. Is this the norm for adjusting the rear wheel on these PIGs? You think Honda would have done a little better with this.

Here's an old school method for aligning your chain.

Get the slack adjusted properly on the chain side, with just enough tension on your axle nut to hold everyting tight, but still allowing you to play with the adjusters.

Get the bike on a stand,with the rear wheel in the air.

Spin the rear wheel backwards, and check out which side of the rear sprocket the chain rubs against. Use your imagination to figure out if it needs to go one way or the other. Try to set the chain so that it runs with an equal gap to either side of the sprocket. After you get it close, it only takes a 1/4 turn on the adjuster nut for the chain to favor one side or the other. Screw with it to make sure you got it right, then re-check your chain tension when done.

Sounds complicated, but it aint. Sprocket should run smack dab in the middle of the chain when all's good.

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