xr 600. plastic&graphics ideas

I have been looking for new graphic and seat cover combo's for my bike. The selections i have come up with are not what i am looking for. Possibly if i go back to some older packages i could come up with something. Does any body have any suggestions on places to look? also who has good prices and selections on plastic for 600's

well my friend,

I saw a site yesterday called endurouk (you just will have to search in yahoo or other, I don't remember the adress!)that had a bunch of links, including some of graphics (for example:ceet, one industries, n'style,CRD etc. you may also search on www.xr.com, al'baker's xr's only or ask some other people for them.

Have nice rides. XR's are quite good, ahn?


Also an 600XR '91 (standard with some Acerbis and HP extra protection plastics and Excel front rim)

Thanks fella's i will look into them

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