650 series hondas

would one of these 650 bikes be a good DS for someone who hasn't spent any time on a dirt bike but has ridden quads quite abit? looking for something to go to and from work and around town with an off road venture every once and a while.

or would something in the 400cc range be better for more of a two wheel beginner?

you could leave the airbox snorkle in and the stock pipe and make speed improvements to the bike as you became more comfortable with it.

A friend of mine had never been on a bike or ATV and at 30 yrs old bought an '01 650R and took right to it and it is a big bike but I feel that it would be better to have some power in reserve when you're cruising at speed and also you're not winding the motor out because you're on a smaller bike. I read a review of the 650R saying that at times it felt more like a 250 than a 650 in the way that it handled and could be tossed around. I ride an XR600 and my last bike was an XR250 and I took right to the 600 and I like the 650 even more. Remember it has a throttle and brakes and just hold on. As they say "there is no replacement for Displacement". My friend is in the process of Dual Sporting his 650 right now and he is going with the www.electrexDakar.com kit with the G44 Stator and Acerbis mirrors and Dunlop 606's. I also have a post in this forum asking about Dual Sport Gearing and I got some helpful responses. Take Care Man, Walt

check the archives for lots of discussion on this subject.

it sort of comes down to 650L = electric start 90% on-road

650R = kick start and 90% off road.

my buddy was a street guy for years, never kicked over bikes...he got rid of the estart DRZ and went to the 650R for more power but it was a struggle for him for awhile do to kickstarting issues...then he put on an edelbrock carb and now everything is ok

Don't forget, the L model has a cush rear hub, the R don't..

I just putt my 650r on the street, no need to trash the trans on a great bike. If your gonna ride on the street, get the L...

I love my 650L!!! I had a KX80 when I was little and didnt ride for years and then I decided to buy the 650 and love it. I am short and cant touch the ground but it does fine for me.

Well, the 650L is good for the less experienced, as far as the power goes. The 650L is pretty tame.

The 650R makes a very good dual sport bike also, and is a blast to ride on the street. It's also a superb dirt bike, and will handle anything off-road with ease. Uncorked and re-jetted, the 650R produces HUGE POWER! For this reason, I'm not so sure that a beginner could handle the intense power output. Acceleration is what the 650R engine is all about. And it does this extremely well. The monstrous torque provides instant, super strong acceleration beginning just above idle rpm and continuing up the rev range. Uncorked, the bike will hit 100mph as fast as you can shift gears. Accidental blipping of the throttle can bring unwelcome suprises, so it's best to have some experience on quick bikes like this.

The 650L is much smoother in it's power delivery, and much easier to ride for someone with less experience.

My first real motorcycle was a '94 XR250 and at first it seemed like alot of bike, but I quickly found its limits(outrode some amateur MXer friends in the desert, though). Then came a '92 CR250 and that was great fun, but I got sick of the 2-stroke. Now I have a 600 and am still exploring the capabilities. Although I want more power, I rarely use all that it has. All 40hp or something like that. 650R has at least 10 up on that.

IMO, the 650R sounds like alot of bike for a beginner. Most people hate hearing that they should take a "stepping stone" approach, but that is probably the best way to learn. When you can outride the bike, you are forced to improve your skill. When you get a better bike, you can ride that much faster. I would put my money on an XR400 or 600.

Don't forget, the L model has a cush rear hub,

No it doesn't, no it doesn't, no it doesn't.

It doesn't

So...jamesp....what are you trying to say?

He is trying to say No 650L's had cush hubs!My '83 XL600 had one,but none of the three XR650L's i had ,had cush hubs.

As for the original question ,i would recommed the "L".he said he going to ride it to work during the week.The L is way more street friendly(Estart-speedo-Full lighting-helmet & steering locks..ect..)Just install knobbies and you can trail it anywhere. :cry:

thansk guys it might be a while before i get one but the two wheel bug has seemed to bite recently and its bugging me. for now my money is going into my truck (pay-off) and my quad (i know i know what am i supposed to do with those extra two wheels :cry:)but i will definitly take your adivice here on the L. buy the way anyone ever rode double on an 650L?

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