650L Jetting...again!

Hi guys,

I know this gets asked all the time, but I can't determine what's right for all of my circumstances. All I know is I want more power and better throttle response. I KNOW I must be running lean, but don't want to choose the wrong jets.

Here goes:

'03 650L

WB E Series pipe


snorkel removed

5000 ft

Anybody have a similar setup? What's best?

And what to go to after I drill slide and shim needle (sometime this winter)?

Oh yeah.............Thanks in advance!

I'm not sure about 5000 feet,but at 2500 ft. with a simalar set up i used a 165 main,55 pilot,needle shimmed .040" and slide drilled (5/32")i think. :thumbsup:Oh, and limit tab ground off air mix screw and out about 2-2 1/2 turns. :cry:

Jetting will likely be the same after drilling and shimming.

You've got to pull the carb, do the slide- you'll LIKE IT!!


Get rid of the stock air filter too.

What do you recommend for an air filter? UNI? Also, what manufacturer's jets should I buy and where should I get them from?




I have an 02 and an 05 650L. We are in Tn/NC and our riding will go from 800ft.to 5000ft. I am looking for the same help.

Good luck

The uni and K&N filters are both good.

Jets: www.sudco.com, www.bajadesigns.com

get their ph# and call 'em, it's a lot easier for jets that way.


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