Sherco 450 in US competition

I saw an article in one of the Dirt mags that David Chaves (a top US trials rider) finished 8th in only his second off-road race on a Sherco 450 4 stroke.

It's too bad Shercos are made in France. Just for that reason I wouldn't buy one :cry:

Better not buy Michelin tires either then :cry:

Better not buy Michelin tires either then :cry:

Did you know Michelin has atleast one plant in the US(OKLA.)? Found out yesterday.

They also have one in Reno, if I remember correctly.

France actually manufactures good stuff. Their cars don't look like much because the European market is a bit different. But if you look at their air and space industry, it forces respect. Their military stuff is also pretty solid. Same with their optical and communication engineering.

These are not the first motorcycles made in France. Voxan has a good reputation, although their bikes are expensive.

Anyway, Dirt Rider magazine gave them a good grade in the last 24 hour torture test.

The 450 enduro model comes with injection.

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