KLX300 with FCR35 pumper carb

I was curious so I bought the FCR35 carb for my KLX. It does make a huge difference in acceleration. I think I can get up to speed twice as fast as with the CVK - no exaggeration - and it has all the power when I need it.

My riding though is mostly really tight single track trails and gnarly hills and the tractibility of the CVK is awesome. I'm sure my skills are lacking since I've only been riding dirt for about a year and I'm thinking I may have a gearing issue too, but I put the CVK back on for now. My question is to others who have the FCR. Is it just my skills at this point or do you think the the CVK will always be better suited for my riding?

I put the FCR back in the box for now, but will definitely put it on if I will be around a track or open trails.

Bret, I like the CVK for those same reasons also. I've only tried the mik 33, but have not been too impressed with it compared to the dynojetted CVK that I'm currently running. I'm not racing though...

I like it too. I think the KLX/CVK carb will tractor out of some places that other "race" bikes can't.

They might blow by me in the straights, but if there are enough of these sections, it might turn into the "tortoise and hare" routine. :cry:

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