tire size questions

My '97 XR6 has the original wheels and the original size rear tire 110/100 18. Is it possible to go up to a 120/100 18? Will this pinch the tire too much and give the tire an odd profile or is this even an issue? Also, are there any disadvantages to running a 120 tire on an XR6?

Any advantages? Thanks...NATE

You should have enough torque to pull a john deere tractor tire. Want to look really cool? Go to the junk and buy a used 3" rim for 10 bones and then mount the biggest, baddest looking knobby tire. It looks major beasty plus you'll become an instant sandmaster. Of course you will have to drive a truck over the tire to break the bead but look on the bright side, you will always be able to ride a flat from any distance without having to worry about the tire popping off the rim.

Nate, My 600 came with a 140/80-18 when I bought it, no problems. A wider footprint can go both ways.

1) You have more tread in contact with the ground which is advantageous in some situations (mud, sand)

2) You have have less weight per sq. inch of tire contact. This might not be a good thing on hard surfaces where increased pressure between the tire and ground may keep you from sliding out.

Overall, I don't think there is a great disadvantage to riding with the 140 and would recommend it for Utah. I currently have a 5.10-18 IRC VE 33 that I love for the woods. Seems the narrower width doesn't catch as many stumps/roots as the 140. Then again, I ride in slimy rocks and roots 95% of the time.

The 120/100 is a tall tire but over all works out to be about the same as the 140/80. I always run the 140/80x18 on my bikes. It last longer and works better. It's not a good sliding tire because it so fat but works for me.

I ran the 140/80 S-12 on all my bikes everywhere, all year round.

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