Honda QR50

I've got a weird one. I bought this bike for my son a couple of years ago to learn how to ride. The story goes that the guy I bought it from had a business associate from Japan and this associate sent to him in a box dissambled as a business gratuity. Several people have seen and commented on it's uniqueness. I think it is a one of a kind in the USA as these were never imported here. It is positively a Honda QR50, oil injected 2 stroke, mono shock, shaft drive and I'm guessing around a 1990. My son has outgrown and now has an XR80. Anyone interested in this collectors item and for how much?

The Qr50 was not sold in the US, but they were sold in Canada, Mexico and other places, early 1980s. The powertrain is off of the Honda Express moped, NC50. There are some that have made it into the US.

I would love to have one, but I doubt I could make you a reasonable offer, and shipping, since I bet you arent in driving distance from Charleston SC.

I hope to find one that I can afford before my 2 1/2yr old daughter is ready to start riding.

Robert :cry:

When I was investigating on the web I never saw them in Canada or Mexico, only dealers Australia and New Zealand like they were only imported there. All the stickers on the bike are in Japanese. hmmmmm

I say they were there only because I have seen them on Ebay from those locations. They definitely went to NZ, Aus and UK.

Where are you located? Wanna trade for an CR/XR80 or Benelli

{listed in my sig}?

Robert :cry:

I have one....well my son does, great little bike and reliable as hell :cry: By the way it's not shaft drive, it's a sealed chain unit :cry:

Is this it?


that's exactly what I have except that it's been painted yellow :cry:

Thanks for all the info! Sorry to say but I already got my son an XR80 (found out about TT when I bought my WR450, wish I had known about it before I purchased) and I live in the Seattle area. You're right the shipping would be $$


yeah, that's kinda like it but the seat says QR50 and it looks like a newer model than that, blue number plates. I took it to customs to have it imported so i could get ORV tabs for it.


Do some Ebay searching for completed sales, you may find the QR50 in Georgia that is mint, with an offroad sidecar! Why a sidecar,{and is it OE?}, I dont know! It may have dropped off their "sales memory" by now, but it was sweet!

Anyone have one of these in the Southeast US?

Robert :cry:

they actually still sell them in mexico. they are a qa50 there. my dad wanted to buy me one when i was a little kid but they didnt have one here so he took all the parts off of a 1990 z50 and a express 50 engine and built a frame for it. it is a one of a kind custom qr or qa 50. ill never sell it. ill post some pics later.(its not a hokey garage bulit deal almost looks honda) haha

Looked on e-bay, can't find the side car unit previously mentioned. Also looked at a QA50 and it looks to be considerably different, balloon tires and all. I dunno, maybe I should just hold onto it and hang it on the wall


The QA50 is a hard-tail Z50, 4 stroke.

The QR50 is totally different!

Robert :cry:

How the heck did you paste that pic? I can't do it.... Is it because I'm a newbee??

Yes, you can't post pics until your 100th post!............................ :cry: :cry:

To the right of the graemlins click on image. Then paste the URL in there.


does anyone who had a qr50 know how to change the oil on it? It has no drain plug :ride:

googled some pics, definately not what i was expecting. looks kinda flimsy for honda. probably not shaft drive but belt drive. i'm guessing the whole engine/drive came directly from a scooter. engine looks very similar to a moped (a PA? i think) that a friend had, it was also belt drive. interesting little bike!



is the motor the same in the nc50 as a qr 50 ?


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