Sportsman tires

Any of you fast guys (or not so fast) who still run sportsman class (you know, stock wheels), what are you running for a front tire?

I just got a Maxxis Promaxx M6102 Front to go with my Maxxis DTR-1 dirt track rear. Anyone else who has tried this front I would love to hear your opinions and feedback.

Come on, there has to be somebody out there that doesn't run 17s. :cry:

I have a couple guys that race in my series that swear by the Pirelli Scorpion MT90 (or something of that nature). I am sure that you can order it if your local dealer can't get it for you.

Good Luck! :cry:

I ran one on a borrowed 450 a few weeks ago. It was pretty good! I actually was all set to get a pirelli but they were not going to be available in time (race this weekend).

The Maxxis 'feels' much softer but I'll have to wait till Sunday to find out.

I'll be in Vegas for the AMA round and if I can find someone to haul my bike out I plan to race on Sunday at X-Plex, that's your gig right?

That's correct!

Contact Brian Pecore (CyclePro), as he is possibly coming out for that race and might be able to help get your bike here. He is the owner of Pro Cycle bike shop. Cya


It was Brians bike that I rode a few weeks ago! I had such a good time (and a fifth in Sportsman) that I jumped on a deal for a YZF450 last week. He and Armondo have been helping me get it ready, and Brian already offered to transport my bike. I'm just waiting for him to confirm that he's driving out.


If you are hooked up with brian he is the man. He goes way fast on that sportsman bike and has a whole lot of knowledge. Your Maxxis tires are just fine. :cry:


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