CRF70F or DRZ/KLX110 for son

He is 7 now and will turn 8 next summer, this is going to be a Christmas gift and I am wondering what to get him. He has been riding bicycles for a few years and riding mini quads for about a year now (he is riding a Yamaha Raptor 80 now). Which of these bikes is more powerful, which takes abuse better? I see that the seat height is actually lower on the DRZ/KLX110 than it is on the CRF70F by about a half an inch. I am rather sure he is not ready for a fully clutched bike yet. The CRF80F seems quite too big for him. I can get the CRF70F for $1199 out the door in Chattanooga, or I can get the DRZ110 for about $1700 out the door from my local 'Zuki dealer. Anyone have any experience with both of these, all opinions accepted.

Thanks for the help.

crf70-Dry Weight:128

klx110-Dry Weight:141

Not that much of a difference in weight. Both bikes are

Great and will last a LONG time. I got my son the honda and NO problems since I got it. :cry:

Both bikes are

Great and will last a LONG time. I got my son the honda and NO problems since I got it.

yep me too,(daughter in my case)

However, somthing to think about.

There is not much chassis and suspension upgrades for the 70 like there is the klx110.

That is something to consider.

Im a honda guy myself, the klx110's are pretty sweet though :cry:

Sure there is suspension upgrades for a 70. My friend and I just put on Prostyle swingarm setup with about 8" of travel on a 70, and it only cost $30. Next on the list is SP5 dampening rods to level it out a bit.


Honda's are great too, but the KLX110 would be my vote, I've owned 2 of them, had a minor problem with the 02, the 04 was zero problems. Most upgrade potential by far, compared with the 70.

how about a crf/xr50 they are limitless

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