I've got a weird one. I bought this bike for my son a couple of years ago to learn how to ride. The story goes that the guy I bought it from had a business associate from Japan and this associate sent to him in a box disassembled as a business gratuity. Several people have seen and commented on it's uniqueness. I think it is a one of a few in the USA as these were never imported here. It is positively a Honda QR50, oil injected 2 stroke, mono shock, sealed chain drive and I'm guessing around a 1987. My son has outgrown and now has an XR80. Anyone interested in this collectors item and for how much? Seattle area.

Any chance you can post a pic or a link to a picture?

Errr...nevermind. It's amazing what Yahoo can find...


Looks like they are still made and sold overseas. I can't beleive Honda wouldn't import them here to horn in on the PW50 market.

I know, stupid. Mine is I think is a 87, honda red w/blue number plates. Really cool little bike.

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