XR 600 upgrades?

I have a '95 XR 600. I bored it to a 642cc and have ported and polished it. I have a Baja Designs street kit on it. I have rejetted it and opened up the exhaust. Anyone know of any cheap ways to gain more power? (air filter, tricks, etc.) Thanks.

A turbo or nitrous should do the trick...! Geeze dude, never too much...?

cam and raise the compression would be about the last 2 things you can do for a decent price.

I got the most HP gains buy going to higher octang fuel. In the Honda book it calls for 92 octang min. I used Lead boost 130 from Car Crafters. It works well on air cooled engines. I would also run race gas mixed with 92 or boost up to 95-98 octang. It made the bike come alive. On cool days it didn't help much.

Did not mention a pipe what pipe do you have?

CAM comes to mind, stroker is another

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