Fork Oil quickie?

It's been many, many years since I used fork oil. I dealer shopped today and found Amsoil, Racetech light, Honda, Showa, and a few others. What is a good brand of fork oil to use in 04, are what will work best in the DRZ?

any good fluid will work fine.i use silkolene rsf currently.

did you look at the price of the racetech fluid?good stuff,but pricey.

Asking price was $32.00 for a large size bottle. If it's worth it I'll get it, if not please say so. Unless you own a Harley, pickings are slim around here.

for a serious racer it is worth it.for most others its over kill.

I guess I saved 32 dollars then, :cry:

You'r gona pay $10-12 a quart for fluid and the forks take about 42 oz total so you have to buy 2 quarts. $20 bucks at least any way you cut it.

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