Anyone using a 5" rear excel rim on a YZF450

Are there any clearance problems with using a 5" rear rim on the YZF450? Thanks for any info. :cry:

I've seen 5.5's on YZF450's but the rim was offset on the hub and the chain guide had to be modified a little :cry:

I'm running a 5" rim on my YZF450... It does fit, but you will have to dish it over to the right as far as it will go, and make sure your chain is always the right tension!

To start with I had a whole load of problems with it taking chunks out of the side of the rim... But after speaking to some of the blokes in the French Championship (also on YZF's with 5" rims) they suggested running one of those chain rollers (like the one under the swingarm), at the start of the chain slider flipped round to make sure the chain can't hit against the rim... This works superbly! No problems ever since!

I'd strongly suggest the 5" rim on the Yam, ever since I put mine on the bike has handled 100% better and I've had a hell of a lot more grip in corners! The rim stretches the tyre a bit more and gives it a better profile!

Good luck!

Thanks for the info: Presently I'm using a 4.5 excel rim laced to C'dale hub (factory C'dale wheel) and that works good with 150/17 tires. I would like to go to the 160/17 size. Anyone selling a 5" excel 36 hole rim, please email me with info. at

:cry: Steve

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