My mega hp CRF

I know I posted this already but I wanted to post it here also since many of you don't look in the CRF forum :cry:

Well I finally had some time to get the motor back in the bike. I still have a lot of small things to hook up as you can see but the hard part is done. Yesterday I installed the JE high comp piston, put the head on and degreed the billet 208 cam to 107.5 :cry: I know some of you don't remember my earlier post about the motor so I will go over what I have done so far. My original plan was just to do the RHC head and cam but then I got a little excited and went all out. So currently the motor has a JE 12.5:1 piston kit, all stainless valves, Ferrea race valve spring kit (the new batch), RHC billet 208 camshaft, competition valve job, ported head, and RHC bored carb with matching intake port on the head. I also went ahead and split the cases to inspect everything and install a Baja Design wide ratio tranny. Hopefully I will finish up putting the stator back in, hooking up the cables, putting the side cases back on etc so I can start it up and start breaking it in :cry: I can't wait to feel the power of this thing :cry:. I had the side covers, valve cover and water pump cover all powdercoated gloss black to give it that one of a kind Chrome/RHC signature look :cry: Here's a few pics of the current status.




I must admit I'm curious to see it finished....and get the ride report. Chrome, that bike is CLEAN :cry: :cry:

Here is some finished pics :cry:






Hey Chrome, You said Mega HP....... wheres the Dyno printout :cry:

Damn Crome!!!!

That bike is making my shnizzle drizzle!!! :cry:

Nice work dude!!! :cry: :cry: :lol::cry:

Now about the ponies, define MEGA for us!! :cry:

Hey Chris, where are the FFR stickies?? :cry:

Before you make the dyno runs, let me send you a "good" exhaust to get them good numbers! Tdub

if the head works well with the carb mod and the cam that it has ,using the proper ex system and the right fuel it will make 60 hp @ the rear wheel i have several customers out there that have installed the parts and made it.

let me send you a "good" exhaust

Hmmm I may be up for that? What did you have in mind Tdub :cry:. As Ron mentioned I am hoping it will be 60hp on the dyno. I ran it for the first time today and can already tell it is going to be a handful on the street. I only put about 10 easy miles on it trying to break it in good but I will get it on the dyno as soon as I feel the motor is ready for it :cry:

Heya RHC,

I sent you a PM a few weeks back and got no reply.

I would like to do the MAC-DADDY high output mods to my (street legal) 01 WR426.

PLEASE email me or shoot me your number via PM so I can get a hold of you.

Hiroshi Yokota of Yoshimura did the head a year ago, and I put a big bore kit on it wiht some pretty good results, but I want more and have a budget for it right now so let me know asap.

all this hype for 60HP ????? Dynos please... until then its all bulll........

Here's a dyno run from Tdubs 450


How's that new WR tranny? What's the difference in top speed you're getting? I'm still floating at stock hp waiting at least for my new jet kit to come in the mail.

I just read in the paper that due to the lack of customs inspectors, paired with rerouting all of western canada's mail through vancouver (closing 2 other intakes), hopefully all the packages they currently have will be processed by christmas. my god. at least its raining. this is probably the only time i'll say that though...

I think that's more HP than my ol' Hawk/NT 650 roadracer :cry:

The wide ratio tranny is great. I really couldn't use it too much because I'm trying to keep the motor under 5k rpm until I get at least a few hours on it. It is considerably taller from what I could tell. I was cruising about 60mph in 4th and shifted into 5th and it dropped about 1k rpm and was cruising 60 at about 5K rpm which before was around 6K. This is with 13/39 gearing also. I was able to drop down to a 13 front from a 15 and have massive low end but still the same top speed as I did before with a 15 front :cry:

Careful with the 13t front......the chain is now making a very tight radius and may suffer under the strain! :cry:

13 is the stock size sprocket for a CRF.

Here's a dyno run from Tdubs 450


:cry: :cry:

Where's the update?

I'm assuming you've spent some quality time in the saddle this weekend. How's the whole package now that its broken in? Is the extra power usable? Hows that tranny?

Everything is great so far. I had to work saturday so I only got to ride a little today. The power is amazing and the tranny is golden. I will finish breaking it in this week so I can start ripping on it hard :cry:

Not to dig up some old posts but......any luck with the dyno?

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