Oil capacity the same for 02 through 05?

I remember on the 02's, the engine gets about 700ml while the tranny gets 600ml. Do these still apply for the 03, 04, and 05?

Just use the sight glass for the engine and 600ml for the tranny..... :cry:

05= 690ML with filter change and 630 without. I measured 680ml and it was perfect on my last change for engine oil.

On the tranny side do you guys measure 670ml to put in?

I put 24oz in each side.

24oz = 709.68cc/ml

Iam with 4 strokes_rule 24oz and your done ! simple

24 oz. sounds like too much on the tranny side. :cry:

I've been running 700 cc on each side for 18 mos. with no adverse effects, no oil pushing into air box, etc... Better to have a tad too much IMO. I put in the same amount, filter change or not.

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