Need cheap new handlebars.....Suggestions?

Hit a tree and bent my stock handlebars. What is the difference between aluminum and steel? Which are stronger, lighter, cheaper? Thanks.

Cheap and Handlebars should not be used together. A good set of bars will save the day on a get off. Spend a little money and buy some pro tappers... Kit and bars will run you between 100 and 120 bucks. Will also help with arm pump.

Steel handlebars are the cheapest, but will bend as soon as you fall,

Most after market H/B are made by one or two major manufacturers, you can get a set of Moose aluminum bars for around 50 bucks, at most any dealer

You can buy a set of O'neal steel bars for like $20 with a crossbar pad. I put a set on my quad, but I'm pretty sure they would bend easier than the stock bars. I think TUSK makes a cheaper aluminum bar at Rocky Mtn MC.

Mike -

The "cheapest" I would use would be Renthals - in fact that is what I use! They are tough and you can get them in a lot of bends from the TT store for $70-75. DO NOT GET STEEL BARS :cry:

I bought some Pro Tapers from Ebay for 50 bucks used after bending my stock bars after a couple of light falls. Since then I've wadded up my ride many times, HARD!!! The Pro Tapers are AWESOME, and if full price was paid, still worth every cent. I hate to send someone away from the TT store, but buying Pro Tapers used is a cheap way to get bullet proof bars you'll never have to replace. I'm sure, however, the other fat bar manufacturers are every bit as good. Hope this helps. :cry:

Can you use pro tapers and bigdr bar risers?


Thanks guys I think that you have all made your point. No steel. Do all 7/8 bars have the crossbar on them?. Thanks again.

I don't have the bigdr risers...

I got some new renthal 7/8 bar on ebay for $30

They were specified as Older RM bend. maybe early 90's

and they are exactly the same as stock (which I like)

That was a good bet!!

They do have cross bar which is great to install goodies like GPS etc... I don't like fat bar (protaper etc...) for this reason.

Go ebay and be patient... you'll get a set cheap

Will also help with arm pump.

How do they help arm pump?

(I currently have steel, but am listening...)


Wow man i guess I should feel lucky we have the iron pony here in columbus. I just figured you all had a big ol motorcycle superstore in your town! I use the oneal aluminum double clamp bars! Low price and stong as any big name bar, went down hard on them several times and they keep on clickin. I think the bark busters help as well :cry:

I think I've heard the stock bars called "Butter Bars".My bars are stock also. This winter I would like to replace my bars. Those of you that have replaced your bars, what bend did you go with? And Why?

Cr Hi, I dont know I just like em. I think next time around I will try the double Hi's

Go to There's a new company

called Longhorn selling oversize bars for $39.00.

You can get universal mounts for $34.00.

tag x5 bars are good also get some barkbusters they will also help your bars from getting bent.

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