the soap opera continues

bronco came over and we got the crank and tranny in and buttoned up. He had to go home so I was just messing around and decided to continue the build. Go to left side and slip starter gear over the crank end and it goes all the way to the case :cry:. So I mess around with a little bit and then go get the toasted crank to see what the deal was. I was sent the crank for the kicker :cry:, so I go the ron ayers site and look up drz400e 2003 they list five cranks and three are unavailable. I just ordered the first one on the list thinking that since it is on the E page it would be for an E engine. The page even says drz400E on the top of it. Now I have to call them and figure out if I ordered the wrong number or the crank is in the wrong box.

I'm so pissed and disappointed that I'm about ready to part my bike out. For some reason everything anyone sends me is either wrong or crap. I am really getting tired of it.

Does anyone know for sure what the actual number for the E crank is???

The only part number I could see was on for the E model they have part number 12200-29F21

I can get the Kawasaki parts number for you today at work if you need it. PM me. :cry:

I think kawi still has the fiche up for the 400 on thier site. :cry:

If I didn't know better, I'd say you are doing all your business right outta Sierra Vista, AZ! Seems all businesses here have no idea what the hell they're doing and don't have accurate information about anything! Damn, 10guy...I really feel for yah...especially since this fiasco is crampin' your ability to get your bike up and smokin' again! :cry:

Damn if it wasn't for bad luck yu wouldn't have any :cry: :cry:stick with it big guy,,,things will work out and when done yu will have 1 sweet bike :cry:

All I can say is :cry:...keep your eyes on the prize. Don't give up. Were counting on yah...and we are all behind you. :cry:

Good Luck! :cry:

I found MRcycles in NC by searching OEM Suzuki parts on google. They have 4 different part numbers for cranks. Crank fische Try this if that doesn't work MR Motorcycles

So much for the base gasket, FCR carb, and cams being the only engine differences.

So much for the base gasket, FCR carb, and cams being the only engine differences.

there are only 2 cranks.kicker and electric start.the rest are superceded numbers.

Damn I almost would be glad to swap you for that kicker crank side except I really dont wanna tear my motor down at the moment to retrieve the E start one. :cry:


2 different cranks but three numbers. The S and the E actually have different numbers that are current. There are also several superceded part numbers as well.

I feel that since they are totally different then suzuki should have them on different pages in their parts catalog.

Maybe it's time to go real deep and add the kicker :cry:

I still need the proper crank even if I decide to add a kick start to it later. :cry:

I still need the proper crank even if I decide to add a kick start to it later. :cry:

I think that was his point,,, not install later,,,, install now,, along with your new "kicker" crank..

BUt that would mean a new case half, and of course the loss of the E start,,, not something most of us want to give up.. Ability to make the change is not an issue,, desire to make the change is.

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