what are the closest tracks to mount vernon area ?

can anybody get help me witht this ? i have found mxgpr and the one in kent but both of those are kinda far ...any help would be appreciated

There's also hannegan up north in bellingham and there's a more private track out in oak harbor. It's kinda smallish and totally membership based. I have the website address at home that would be the closest track to you. I've ridden it once if you show up and kinda play dumb like you want a memebership maybe or to test it out you can maybe squeak out a free on time ride for fun. Definetly go there while it isn't wet. Most everything else is gonna be a drive for ya your sorta stuck in an area with out tracks sorta like a black hole :cry: outdoor MX is ending here in WA and looks like qwickly :cry: next month out in monroe there will be thrusday night and friday afternoon open practice for arenacross and there will be some races there on sundays. I strongly recommend going to the practices to try it out. The races are CMC sanctioned so you need a CMC card and races days you won't get as much track time. Thursday night practices will be all big bikes so they can cycle qwickly. no waiting on the little guys they will be done. Open practice this weekend for the new track out near lake wenatchee.

I heard there is a OHV park out of Big Lake in Mt. Vernon? Is that right? I use to live there years ago.......

is lynwood motoplex ax ever going to open back up ???

no I really doubt it's going to open back up now. as promised here's the link to the oak harbor track (like 30 mins from mt vernon) http://www.ohmc.homestead.com/

yeah i should of told you ..i have been there a few times and the track is a piece ... it's all beaten to crap

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