CRF450 clutch parts wanted

Anybody have the stock parts left over after replacement with the billet stuff? If they are still useable, I am interested...I need the hub and the basket.

I think I might have a basket and hub at home. I'll check for you tonight and report back tomorrow.

OK, cash waiting...

I take it, you no got?

I have a stock basket from an 02' :cry: PM me if you want it

I've still got a center hub...

I'm probably going to end up getting your hub and the other guy's basket if its still good

I have a stock basket from an 02' :cry: PM me if you want it

I sent you a PM.

RoostReally Hurts and Mike, do you check your PM's????

ANYBODY have a basket????

I wouldn't waste your time trying to find a stock basket in decent shape. The only way you'll find a decent one is if someone removed it while the bike was still new. The stock baskets groove really fast, they are made out of really soft metal. Your best bet is to just spend a couple hundred for a Hinson and it will last the life of the bike.

All right. There's a Hinson on e-bay I'm going to try and get. The hub you have is in good condition, not notched?

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