04 crf 450 model differences


Im looking into buying a 04 crf 450 I was told it is a north american model. I live in New Zealand.

I dont want any problem when I go to buy parts for the bike, so does anyone know what the differences are between a north american model and model we get (im assuming its a Asia/Oceania model) . Im really confused. One person told me there is no difference between bikes other countries get.

Is this true , or is this just salesman bs.??

I'm from Denmark and have an bike from Canada, and I'm yet to find a differes from the europe model. I got the dealer talk too, but think about it, the same parts all way.

All the bikes are the same except sometimes the tires.

Cnadian bikes have Pirelli MT32s stock, US bikes have Dunlops. That's about it.

Yamahas do have changes from country to country - tires, suspension valving, tiny differences in some chassis dimensions, etc. But the only difference on the Honda I can finsd is the tires. A CRF from ANYWHERE will rip.

I bought a 05 CRF450 from canada and it has the dunlops...

Since there are no differences between models maybe i should just buy one using motorcycle-brokers (advertised here). Is anyone out there from New Zealand, and have used this company before.

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