How is the EBC clutch kit ?

I see its very cheap in the net , around 70$.

for clutch kit, i would prefer stock parts.

won't price be twice or more?

I run an EBC in my KTM. I am very satified. With the hydralic clutch and small displacement it gets used hard.


stay away from EBC and barnett.

Hey burned, how long with the stock/original clutch kit last with hard riding? I've got 4400 miles on my bike and get about 1400 miles on my 606 rear tire. I also wheelie alot :cry:!!!

And, when it's time, What do you recommend, if not Barnett or EBC?

stay away from EBC and barnett.


the stock clutch is pretty bullet proof with a stock motor.when it starts to slip or you cant get free play any more you know its time.

moose,DP,kg factory,pro-x all good.

EBC and barnett stray to far from the factory stack thickness.cuases engagement and drag problems.

Thanks Burned! :cry:

I think we should make something like DO and DO NOT and arrange it to a sticky... will save TONS of questions for noobs...

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