Dunlop 742

What does everyone think of the dunlop 742? :cry:

I love it. Its a great front tire.

I think it is the best front tire made.

I tried some other tires after I got my new bike and they were OK. My last change, I went back to the 742 and realized that the other tires just wasted my time and money.

742 forever.

I love it. Its a great front tire.


It's pretty good. I think the 756 is a little better in the softer/soft intermediate stuff, but the 742 is a far better all around tire.

best front tire for all around that I have run.

I took mine off after two outings and replaced it with a 756. I ride mostly hard/intermediate and didn't like the 742 at all. :cry:

Great tire...i didnt notice much of a difference between it and a 756 but it works well.

I am not all that fond of the 742 front. I am usually not that picky with tires and can ride most anything. But I an mot too happy with the 742 that came stock on my (cough cough Honda Cough) :cry: I am going to switch it over to a 756. I like them much better.

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