Doublin Gap 10-24?

Anybody going racing at DG on the 24th? I'm most likely going to go, waiting to see what it looks like when I wake up Sunday morning.

I looked for you at doublin gap didnt see ya track was perfect Rick

Hey guys, i might want to go up to there race in Nov. i havne;t been there in at least 4 and a half years, I know the tracks has probably changed, would u guys have any pictures of the track by chance.

Flu got me, sick all day. Was going to go til I saw it was wet in the AM, didn't feel like being cold so I went back to bed only to hear the rain stopped. Oh well, if I feel better by next weekend I'm going to try and get to Happy Ramblers to warm up for DG on the 7th. The only bad part about the 7h is it's me and the girls 1st year anniversary and she thinks I'm not going racing to surprise her...boy is she in for a treat!

lol....oh she's in for a surprise :cry:

Im goin to Doublin gap the 7th of november.Anyone goin?What class do you guys race?

anyone have a link to their site? :cry:

Yes, she will let me race on our anniversary!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I was worried she would throw a fit if I raced on our anniversary and now she's the one that wants to go! So I will be there on the 7th. Stop by and say hi if you are there. (KX250F #277 125c class) There web site is:

I'm gonna be there on the 7th. Look for me #56 in 125 and 250 B on YZF's. See ya there. :cry:

I'll be there on the 7th. #56 in 125 and 250 B on YZF's. See ya there :cry:

sorry about the double post :cry:

Ill be there to.I race 125C also but on a yzf #275.Ill try to say hi issic if i see ya.

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