might be heading back up to rocket on saturday. depends on how my knee feels, but we had so much fun last weekend we really want to go back. anybody else thinking about a trip to rocket?


J, I'm probably going to Mountaineer on Sunday. Saturday is out for me as I have to help my wife's lesbian boss move to a new apartment to get away from her ex-boyfriend. Sound confusing? Yeah, me too. She's totally hot though and my wife and her are REAL close so I'm shutting up and waiting to see what can come of this. :cry:

Go to Mountaineer on Sunday! You can record the US Open!

haha. lesbians are cool. i actually cant record anything. i don't watch enough tv to invest in recording devices, so i either watch it when it airs or i miss it.. which honestly wouldn't be the end of the world anyways.

tv -> :cry: (kill it)

dude, switch days with your lesbian threesom fantasy moving day and ride the rocket on saturday. mountaineer is gonna be all mud anyways.

c'mon foo!

Man I wish I could. After the move, we're going to have a killer threesome... Oh wait a minute, we're going to a 3 year old's birthday party! Damn, I liked my original idea so much better. I'm gonna have to skip out on this one and figure out where to ride Sunday. I think you're right about Mountaineer being a mudfest though. Last time I went, I rode from the parking area onto the track and my bike got swallowed up to the hubs immediately. :cry:

Is Brian riding with you at Rocket? Tell him I said hi.

yo yo...heard my name.......yessir i'm headed to rocket sat.The son and i and Cliff and his kids.Was wonderin if you had a good time J.Any changes? Cant wait...Weather lookin good too! :cry:

well it's now looking to be about 50/50 for goign to rocket. :cry: well i'll be riding somewhere this weekend in any event.

aww come on damn it.........i'll be there! swapped rims today.put my gold excels off my 01 on...lol....only cause my 04 rear tire needs replaced and i was too lazy to fight changin it!....lol

If you're as lazy as me you would have just put the rear wheel on. I thought you guys would be headed down to Budds today or tomorrow.

i was gonna. me and dan decided to check out grayson's.

it's AWESOME! going back today. :cry:

No [@#$%&*!]! I've been thinking about riding over there again to check it out. Any improvements or just some much needed maintenance?

dude, i cant even begin to explain it. the double at the bottom of the track is now a nice big tabletop, built prefectly, lots of hang time. the triple at the top is now a huge double with a big landing on it. both of the jumps give you big air. most of the bumps are gone. 5000% improvement over the last time i was there, i shit you not. we had a blast for about 4 hours straight yesterday. you gotta check it out. its wet today but i think we're still gonna check it out. :cry:

ps: sshshhhhhhh!

... Nothing to see here.... Move along....



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