New XR600 owner

I recently purchased a 95XR600R. It will replace my 95DR350SE which was heavily modified. I have to say the DR was a great dual sport bike.

After I got my 01 WR426 I understood just how much my DR was lacking as far as power not to mention suspension. I realize it is just my Dual Sport ride but I needed more!

As a result I purchased the XR600. I have already ordered the Baja Designs dual sport kit. New plastic, skid plates, disk guards, and a Cobra I.S.D.E exhaust.

My DR had a Supertrapp. It worked well but was kinda messy and loud. My XR already had a Supertrapp but it is the competition model. Really loud and not spark arrested. I love the sound but it's too loud. I ordered a Cobra I.S.D.E exhaust. The Cobra was cheap and looked well built. I don't expect the bike to be stock quiet, some noise is allowed, but I need it to be spark arrested. Here in Cal they are really strict about noise.

I am running Dunlop 739's front and rear. I will need to change them for DOT approved rubber to pass inspection. I have used MT21's and like the rear but the front wasn't my favorite. I had really good luck with believe it or not a Kenda Trackmaster II. I think it is the 760 cheap and actually really good.

I am looking for more tips on how to make my dual sport project better.

Remember this is a California project. I can't ride my WR426 for most of the year because it is a Red Sticker bike. The XR in offroad form get's a green sticker which means It can be ridden anywhere year round. With the power it has and the potential it could be the perfect California dual sport bike. In offroad form it still gets a green sticker which makes it my year round fun bike.

How can I make this dual sport better?


Just my .02

You don't need DOT tires to pass your inspection. If you want to run DOT tires because you're more comfortable with that, then that's OK. But it is not necessary for the inspection. What you're getting is a lighting inspection...(lights, turn signals, battery, horn, high/low beam indicator etc...)

I got my XR400 signed off with 756's front and rear. However if you get stopped by the Police or CHP that could be another story.

Food for thought...


'99 XR400

Renthal Bars (Carmicheal bend)

Scotts Damper

ESP Suspension

Summers Fork Brace

Baja Designs Dual Sport Kit

ICO Racing odo/speedo

Snorkle removed, Uni Filter, Re-jetted 160/58

96/97 end cap w/Vortip

I Have a hard anodized shock that is revalved and ready to go. I also have a HRC factory ignition coil and all of the parts that you will need for 400 watts of power. this system was used by myself in the Baja 1000 one time and thats it. if you are interested give me a call or email me at, or call me at 760-868-8097 .What ever you do don't forget the suspention this can make the ride that much more enjoyable. :)

Rob Barnum.

a few things on the bike:

The xr600s are heavy! not way around that. when it gets wet you can feel the weight on the front end of the bike.

First mod -- SRC fork brace. $200 and you will not regret it!

Second mod should be an edelbrock carb. it will solve all the idle, stumble and cough out issues of the bike. $400 but really needed for the bike.

Third mod should be some good footpegs. The stock are good, but the weight of the bike will bend them if you drop the bike. Also some good metal/aluminum handgaurds would be high on the list.

Overall the bike is a nice dualsport. I ran a 13/50 gearing and really liked it on the bike for about anything you encounter. If you really get riding off road in the slower sections, think about like a 12/50 setup there. Always use good motor oil and fork fluids. I ran the amsoil 0w-40 synthetic and it was the best oil I found for use in the bike. Lasted the longest and never gave any clutch issues. I also used amsoil 10w fork oil with some .45kg front springs to help out the front end dampning.

They are comfortable to ride long distances for sure with the seat. The power if very broad so you can go from slow to insane speed in a single gear. With the 13/50 gears I was still able to pull 85mph on the fireroads. Plenty fast!

Hope that gives you some tips to start out on.

If for some reason you don't like your Cobra, all of the racing series aluminum supertrapps I have experience will take an "EAR" core. If your engine isn't very highly modified you will be reasonably pleased with it for sound and power. Scott Summers used to run the same thing.

Just my .20 worth, but I had great luck in putting the front end off of a '91 CR500 on my bike. I had to go to a heavier spring, but I'm a big guy, so that was going to happen anyway. The Showa upside down forks rock off road, and the CR brake seems to have better bite. The best part is the fact that the stem offset it different than the stock XR. It brings the wheel in closer to the bike and REALLY helps it carve and stick. The only mod I had to make was a .05 shim under the lower bearing, other than that it was a bolt on. I also had the rear shock revalved. I run a Big Guns exaust, cheater big bore kit, Renthal chain wheels, and a FIM seat. She's still a bit heavy in the tight stuff, but if it opens up at all, I'm gone! Good luck with your new toy! -Chad

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