anyone going down there this saturaday? ill probably be going, hopefully it wont be too messy.

I dont think I can make it this stirday but i'm trying to get there next sat. It would be cool if I can meet up with some people.

Should be there on sunday with a few buds

My chain broke yesterday and busted a hole in the case. If If I can get it fixed by this weekend...im there.

Can't do Saturday...Gotta pay the billz. Sunday A.M. will be there though! Green Explorer with black box trailer lettered with "BMX GUY'S" a BMX team I managed for a few years. TTers Unite! John :cry: :cry: :cry:

ill be there saturday or sunday havnt decided yet :cry:

I went on saturday and it was awsome! Had alot of fun and I am so happy that I was able to make it, only thing that was kind of strange was the IM track. There were like ditches throught the track. What was up with that?

Yea, I like the inter. track, but there are so many lines and ruts I get so disoriented :cry:

Dave your complaing about ruts? :cry:

Paul i missed ya. I left at 1:00.

I had a fun time riding until i got into a pretty bad crash.

To make a Long story short. A goon on a xr250 wiped out in front of me. I was in 3rd and on the gas hard and i slamed into his bike. I went over the bars and broke my thumb opon landing, my bikes alright, thank god. As i was trying to peel my self off the ground. The goon runs up to me and trys to start a fight, saying i [@#$%&*!] up his bike. Only in Jersey.

Aww dude, that sux big time, exspecially the part about him trying to start a fight. The ruts on the IM track did get kind of bad around 3o'clock when I got there. The worst thing that happened was there was a kid on a cr 80. He pulled around my side on a right had turn trying to pass me and wound up pulling right in front of me. I had to slam on my front brake other wise I would have rode right into him. I slid into some soft stuff just barely managing to keep from falling.

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      Has anyone around New Jersey heard of Lepis Land? I found people talking on other forums about it and how riding there is by donation only. Does anyone have anymore information about it or a phone number to contact them?
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      10/17/08 UPDATE! I posted more photos on page 2. Not all pictures are on page 1. I will constantly be adding more photos as I go along.
      Many of you have heard of my starting/idle problems with the 610. Carburetion has been ruled-out time and time again. I sensed something else was going on. The engine has never wanted to idle down, sounded like there was a load on it even in neutral. Since I had metal filings in my oil when I first got it, I have now decided to overhaul it and make everything ship-shape. It turns out that I was correct- there is some valve damage that I will talk about later.
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