Engine won't turn over

Last night, I felt a little disturbed. I am going to Moab today from Idaho, so it is quit the trip and last night I tried to change front tires and I pinched a hole so I have to do that first today after buying a heavier tube. But my question is this. I tried to start it up to let my buddy see how loud it is with a new FMF pipe and it wouldn't turn over. I changed the jetting from the stock about a week ago and it has not been started since. I started it up after I changed the jetting and it was fine. It is now 128 Main, 25 Pilot, Fuel screw 2 turns, Neddle clip position, 4th. I also modified the air box 3X3. So what is the deal? I pulled the chock out and it started up ok, but it was reved so high, and then I let it sit there for awhile and then I put the chock back in place , it died instantly. I did the same thing and tried to start it up with the chock out and it would barley would start. :cry: Did I do something wrong? I was fine about a weekd ago. It almost feels like it needs more air in the carb. Do I have to alter the idle a little bit? I need to get this fixed today, because I leave around noon to Moab! What should I do first? :cry:


the vacuum hose to the fuel valve isnt connected.reconnect it,turn the valve to "pri".start the bike and return the fuel valve to the "on" position.

Sorry, but it was connected. I tried that and it still has the same problems. :cry:

sounds like your not getting fuel.recheck all your work.

your sure the vacuum hose is connected at the carb and fuel valve?

what exactly does it do now?

Ok if I am getting this right, the vacuum hose you are talking about is the u-shape hose that connects from the tnak to the opposite side of the carb, right? If not, then I don't know what you are talking baout. Sorry I am not that expeirnced with this. It starts hesistantly with the choke on and when it does, it is reved up a lot. I turn off the choke and then it immediatly dies on me. I have tried turning the throttle a little to keep it going, but it still dies.

Sounds like an air leak. He is probably sucking air past the boot between the carb and the manifold?

He should also try a fresh plug. I learned the hard way just how fast these can foul in a DRZ causing hard starting problems.

I just went out and checked to see if I was getting air like you MutualBill said. That is not the case, everything is secured down and tight and it looks fine. Thanks, is the spark plug the problem?

Possibly a clogged jet? :cry:

Well that's no good if that is the problem!

Well don't go tearing into your carb just yet, it was only a suggestion/question. :cry:

is there gas in the tank?

is there gas in the tank?

There is plenty of gas in the tank. It runs fine when the choke is on, it runs really high, but after I turn off the choke, it quits. :cry:

open the drain screw on the carb with the fuel valve on pri.does fuel flow out freely?if so,you have a plugged pilot jet.

Man you should have been riding that thing all week before such a big trip and after so many changes. I would at least have been starting it once a day. So many things could have happened thats it's hard to pin point just one thing! Be sure you did not leave the tank on (PRI) all week or it could be flooded. Spark plug will tell you lots!!! I will tell you this, the last time I rejetted I took off down the road and my bike died after about 4 minutes. I pulled over and checked the vacume tube and it was on! Feeling confident in my work I turned the selector knob to reserve , started it up and went and got gas! :cry:

open the drain screw on the carb with the fuel valve on pri.does fuel flow out freely?if so,you have a plugged pilot jet.

I guess I have a plugged pilot jet. I am going to go in and see what's up. Thanks for your great help. I will keep you posted.

So I went in and checked it out and it is all good. Thanks for your help. The Pilot jet was clogged. Not very much, but enough to make a difference. But a question. How did it get clogged and why didn't the other one get clogged? I made sure and kept everytying clean, so why? Thanks again. TT rules!

crappy pump gas.

Thanks Burned, you are the man!

That is awesome!!! Burned, U B Da MAN!!! Just saved his weekend!!! :cry:

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