Is 5-Mile Pass too muddy?

My son wants to take a few friends riding Saturday morning. Will 5-Mile Pass be too muddy for beginners? It has always been mostly a dust bowl when I have been there - I haven't been there just after a storm, especially a big storm like we just had.


I have seen it pretty muddy there. It is supposed to stop raining today so by saturday it should be ok for the most part.

If it lets up by tomorrow then that soil/sand has an amazing ability to soak up the moisture pretty quick. If the weather holds out...I've got a family camp/riding trip planned to Knolls.

We go there quite often and this past March we camped once right after a big rain storm and the sand was perfect for the kids. My son was on a TTR90 and he could go anywhere. We also had kids on PW50's that were getting around with no trouble. If you do go to Knolls though....just avoid the mudflats after a big rain storm. You might never get out :cry:

I am afraid we will have to stick with 5-Mile for this weekend. Some of the group have to be at work in Provo by 12:30, so it has to be a quick trip.

Last spring I was riding the mud flats at Knolls, making nice, smooth high-speed turns. I hit a patch that was dry on top but muddy just under the surface. My first crash on my brand new CRF250X. That is the stickiest, guiest mud I have ever seen. And it tastes terrible too. I got some on my Camelbak nozzle and didn't realize it until it was too late. I had the worst salty aftertaste in my mouth all day long. Luckily it was a fairly soft landing for me and my bike.

My guess is that with the rain we've had there will be some BIG puddles and nasty mud in some spots. That ground is so packed from riders, it ain't gonna soak much up and there's not been enough heat/sun to do much in the way of evap.

Dirty bikes look good. :cry:

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