Wheel building articles?

Well my spokes will be here within the next 2 hours...

Anyone know of GOOD tutorials or articles on lacing and truing a wheel for a first-timer? Yea, yea.. Time and patience.. I have both. :cry:

Found this one a couple months back Quick and dirty wheel lacing

good luck and let us know how it turns out

Spokes JUST arrived, I'm off to the garage. I'll post an update. :cry:

Only took half a freakin' day.. but I am now finished. One truely true wheel all back together. :cry:

Wasn't near as hard as I thought it would be. I think I'll have 'PING' noises echoing in my head for the next few days though. :cry:

did the article help? i'm lookin to switch over to some black excels and just use the stock hubs to keep the price down

I just laced balck excels on my stock yz450f hubs 2 days ago and it too was easier than I thought. All I did was start by lacing the rims with the new excell spoke kits. With the rear wheel there are two different sized spokes, and unless your an idiot its hard to mess that up. The front wheel uses all spokes of the same lenght, even easier. As for truing, put the wheel on a stand (or in youe swing arm, fork ect.), start at the valve stem hole tighten that spoke until a nice tone is heard, move down 3 spokes, tighten that and proceed until all are tight. Once this in done set up a dial indicator on your wheel and fine tune. It's as easy as that. Now mounting tires on these black rims without scratching them, thats a differnt story.

did the article help? i'm lookin to switch over to some black excels and just use the stock hubs to keep the price down

No, I didn't even read the dern thing, I glanced over it before I started... It's pretty self explanitory once you get started... Put all the spokes in the hub, get it all lined up and start lacing, flip it over, start lacing the other side... Then I slapped the axle into a vice with the wheel spacers so I could rotate it easy. Tightened them all up gradually... Oiled the threads once they started getting a tad tight... Used a smaller vice to hold a scredriver right next to the rim for a reference and just started truing.

In retrospect it's extremely easy to do. I could probably do another in less than 2 hours if I needed. Probably half my time was spent taking the old spokes out. [i was repairing the rim] Next Time I'm just gonna find a pair of bolt cutters and cut the spokes out.

i'm thinkig i can probably use the same spokes since i already have excels, i'm just wondering how much of a pain its gonna be getting them off without stripping the nipples.

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